What is Peganism?

Peganism is a new diet that originated in the United States and combines the two popular paleo and vegan diets. The pegan diet is plant-based and is based on the concept of eating like people in the Stone Age did. People following the pegan diet eat unprocessed meat, fish, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and insects.

How it all began

At first, the idea of combining the paleo diet and veganism may sound absurd, as the inventor of Peganism, Dr. Mark Hyman admits. Nevertheless, he believes that these diets are more similar than one might initially think. The two diets have some principles in common, as both support only consuming fresh and unprocessed foods that were made without refined sugar or additives. Both forms of nutrition also focus on eating lots of fruit and vegetables. Dr. Hyman wanted to combine these two diets to create the healthiest possible form of nutrition, peganism.

What are the benefits of going pegan?

The pegan diet largely avoids eating food with any additives, as well as most grains. People who follow this trend usually have less body fat than conventional omnivores. Furthermore, the focus on organic fresh fruit and vegetables, meaning that you're consuming lots of vitamins, minerals, healthy fibre and secondary plant substances. Fish and meat can be consumed on the pegan diet, which helps balance a person's overall nutrition. By avoiding sugar, heavily processed products and artificial additives, the diet also encourages healthy food choices.

The basic rules of peganism:

  • Do not eat dairy
  • Legumes are consumed in moderation, but avoid more than a cup a day
  • Only natural products
  • Fruit and vegetables form the main part (about 70%) of the diet
  • Meat is consumed as a side dish
  • Only consume premium meat and fish
  • Avoid cane sugar
  • Healthy fats from foods like nuts or olive oil are an integral part of the diet
  • Only eat small amounts of whole grains
  • Do not eat foods that contain gluten
  • Eat only foods with a low glycaemic index to keep your blood sugar stable

If you do start following a pegan, vegan or paleo diet, make sure to get your blood tested regularly to check for a possible nutrient deficiency.

Products and recipes

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