Take a closer look at these trendy foods!

The media loves to throw around the word "superfood", touting the health benefits of superfoods due to their above-average vitamin contents. What makes a superfood super? Are superfoods only exotic foods like açaí or goji berries?

Are superfoods a vegan trend?

Lots of people associate superfoods with veganism, since lots of vegans pay close attention to their diets to make sure they're getting the right nutrition. The media has emphasized the health benefits of superfoods, nothing their healthy properties and effects on the body. The fact is, plant-based superfoods are very rich in vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and other valuable nutrients.

How to eat superfoods

Superfoods are often sold dried, puréed, in extracts, or in capsule or powder form, so it's easy to incorporate them into your diet. Many recipes recommend superfood ingredients, and they're very popular in homemade granola mixes or in smoothies.

It is important that you eat a healthy diet in general, consuming lots of fruit and vegetables and comparatively little meat and sugar. If you take food supplements, it's just important to note the nutritional values to make sure that you're taking an appropriate amount. Here you will find a large selection of different variants.

Are superfoods always exotic?

Superfoods like goji berries, açaí berries, chia seeds or raw cocoa all contain an above-average amount of antioxidants, and are almost always imported to Europe. However, stinging nettles, dandelions and parsley, all of which grow naturally in Europe, as well as kale, blueberries and algae are also considered superfoods. Algae can be harvested all year round, and several start-ups have started making algae into innovative algae products. Oils, lots of which are produced in Europe, can also be considered superfoods. The pumpkin seed oil produced in Styria, Austria, is a perfect example.


Superfoods do not replace a balanced diet, but contribute to a healthy diet. They're particularly recommended during periods where it might be hard to find fresh fruit or vegetables, like in the winter. Regular consumption of superfoods could have a positive effect on your health.

Superfoods add variety and nutrients to our diets! If you tend to eat an unhealthy diet, superfoods offer valuable nutrients and ingredients that can add balance to your meals. Blueberries and broccoli are also great examples of superfoods that can easily be bought frozen or frozen yourself. Superfoods are simply a valuable addition to your diet!