Tulipans - Low Carb, Low Sugar Products

Perfect for following a ketogenic diet!

Tulipans is an Austrian brand based in Vienna that produces keto-friendly snacks and foods. All of their products are low-carb and low-sugar, making them perfect for anyone following the Keto Diet. The products are mostly sugar-free, but still taste delicious! Try them for yourself!

Tulipans: 7 products


  • Tulipans Keto Granola Can
    • Ideal for fitness freaks
    • Low carb crunchy muesli
    • No sugar & maltitol at all
  • Tulipans Keto Creamer
    • Contains pure butter powder
    • MCT oil with C8 & C10 fatty acids
    • With high quality MCT oil powder
  • Tulipans Keto MCT Bars
    • High-quality fats
    • Up to 5g of MCT oil per bar
    • Erythritol & Stevia as sweeteners
  • Tulipans Keto Drinking Meal
    • Meets all ketogenic requirements
    • Delicious taste
    • Natural sweetness
  • Tulipans Keto Cocoa Drink + MCT
    • Slightly sweetened with erythritol & stevia
    • Super creamy cocoa drink
    • With a hint of vanilla
  • Tulipans Keto Coffee
    • Power-Up Coffee
    • Instant bean coffee
    • 100 % Arabica beans
  • Tulipans Keto Granola Sachets
    • Vegan
    • Low Carb Crunchy Muesli
    • Without oat flakes, cereals & soy

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