Ento Bread Ento Bread

Craving a healthy boost of protein, nutrients and vitamins? Check out our tasty recipe for Ento Bread here!

Superfoods Superfoods

Superfoods - are they a marketing gimmick, or the real deal? What does "superfood" even mean? Are superfoods really healthier than regular foods? Find out here!

Entomophagy Entomophagy

Insects have been a part of our diets for around 2 billion years. Although we sometimes struggle with the idea of eating insects in modern day Europe, our ancestors considered insects a delicacy!

Peganism Peganism

Peganism is a new diet that originated in the US and combines the two popular paleo and vegan diets.

What's the Idea Behind Our Shop? What's the Idea Behind Our Shop?

Peganto stands for sustainability, resource conservation, innovation, novelty and quality. In short: Peganto stands for a healthy, environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Why these values specifically? Read more about our thought process here!

Entomophagy Recipe Ideas Entomophagy Recipe Ideas

Not quite convinced about entomophagy yet? Try one of our delicious recipes and discover a new passion!