Xucker Light Erythritol

A sugar substitute made from natural raw materials

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Erythritol Light is a tooth-friendly alternative to sugar for nutrition-conscious people! Xucker's Light Erythritol comes from France, is calorie-free and is produced without genetic engineering. It is also the ideal sweetener for diabetics as it is blood sugar-neutral. In Japan, erythritol has been used in many foods and medicines since the 1990s.

  • Tooth-friendly
  • From France
  • Vegan
  • Packaging made from renewable raw materials
  • Calorie free


  • Erythritol can be used as a sugar substitute:1g of erythritol corresponds to approx. 0.7g of sugar.
  • For cakes and pastries, it is recommended not use more than 25% sugar substitute (based on the weight of the dough).
  • The light erythritol can be mixed 1:1 with xylitol.
  • It is ideal for baking, but should not be used to make marmalade or jam.
Brand: Xucker
Diet Category: Vegan, Vegetarian
Characteristics: Unsweetened, Palm Oil Free, Lactose-Free, Gluten-Free, Low-Fat, Alternative Sweeteners
Free From:: Artificial Flavours, Flavour Enhancers, Artificial Dyes, Preservatives

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